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Dynamic Upright People : The New Smart

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Pro Gear for a Pro Career

You are an Upright Human Being  .  .  .

Why Ruin Your Health by Restricting  ALL Your Body’s Essential Needs . . .
By Sitting at a Low Workstation, IN a Low Chair, for 2,000 Hours per Year?

Join the New Smart . . . Become an Upright Professional!

All of the upright positions Do Not Require Lumbar Support as the spinal column has its natural curve when your thighs are pointed down with weight bearing feet (proper pelvic rotation). 

Sitting ‘Low” with thighs parallel to the floor is the only time a lumbar support is truly required; so stop doing that!
Add in the active footwork and it’s 150,000 more calories burnt per year!

Links to Studies and Information
The Sitting Disease Affects Us All

Dr. Mercola: Discusses the dangers of low seating.
Students and ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Don’t Fit :  LINK

The Chopra Center: The Sitting Disease
‘Sitting Disease - The New Health Epidemic’ : LINK

USA Today: Retirees - The Sitting Disease
May be Killing You! A lifetime of sitting . . .   LINK

Please note that HartC`s ‘Ergo-Station’, a Capisco coupled with a Rylee Height  Adjustable Electric Desk meets each and every criteria outlined in these articles EASILY and Naturally. Providing a variety of heights and postures, using weight bearing feet and active muscle groups  throughout the course of your day and your career, providing energy for  upright clarity and upstanding achievement
the Very Best Workstation for a Happy  Healthy Lifestyle

The HAG Capisco Task Chair & Height Adjustable Desks

Variable Height Sitting - The Best Ergonomic Workstation

Be at your best; use a chair and desk designed for upright human beings.

Chart comparing natural upright seating to unnatural low seating - HartC

Capisco has the Widest Range of Height and  Seating Postures  of  ALL Marketplace Office CHAIRS!

Upright Workstations from HartC

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Many Occupational Therapists recommend the HAG Capisco task chair for office work.
If you experience back, neck or shoulder pain from work, trauma or injury, Capisco’s wide range of supported positions has given great relief to many that suffer with back ailments. 

Note: If you don’t have back issues, a Capisco and an upright workstation will help prevent future deterioration.

If you must sit; sit well.

Lack of Movement is the Key Cause of the Sitting Disease.

Learn how you can burn 150,000 more calories per year  at your desk job!

The Sitting Disease is worse for lifespan than smoking, drinking or diabetes!

You’ve heard about it, now you can do something about it! Get the smart, upright workstation!

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
How often do you get IN and OUT of a chair?
Why do they make
chairs & desks so low?


The only way to stop the damage to mind and body from low sitting is to stop doing it.

You are designed to be upright
. . .
for good reasons!

A Capisco and height adjustable desk work with your
natural upright design, activating your biomechanics.

Capisco creates good posture and energy production
through dynamic balance and constant movement.

Energy is essential for mental and physical
performance and overall body process and function.

A desk career is 2000 hours per year!
Lots of time spent in good or bad posture and health!

Walk On . . . Walk Off
A HAG Capisco from HartC allows you to get on and off without straining knees and back and burns calories while on it!


All the way from low sitting to Stand Sitting, the HAG Capisco from HartC Ergonomic Elements encourages weight bearing feet,
which engages your major muscle groups to support your spinal column naturally in dynamic balance and freedom of movement;
burning calories and generating energy for mind and body with your Office Chair!

Capisco postures provide energy, support, mobility and comfort throughout the entire range of
All Height Adjustable Desks, Ergonomic Upright Furniture and Work Stations.

We are designed to be upright human beings in constant movement.
Reclaim your birthright; be at your best by being upright and dynamic.

Get on a Capisco - Your Vaccination Against the Sitting Disease!

Spring 2017
March Upright Special

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Burn 150,000 More Calories At Your DeskThis Year!

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Rylee Desk and Capisco Chair Upright Ergo Workstation

The Best Upright Workstation Ergonomics for a Dynamic Upright Desk Career in 2017!

Rotating Info Main Slide 1Why are we always
systems & training,
but mostly,
we only replace
our workstations
[still using v.1.? low desks]
instead of upgrading?

Variable height
[office chair and desk]
workstations are
vitally important as
preventative safety
equipment and
productivity tools.

Helping office workers
to achieve optimum clarity, continual energy production
and physical well being.

Leave office chair.version.1  and  office desk.version.1

Upgrade to Dynamic Ergonomics for Upright Humans.
Work comfortably at all heights with engaged muscle groups.

Upright Gear for Upright Human Professionals. Give your body and mind a chance!

Capisco IS human ergonomics at work. Chair v1 got the platform wrong; one position sitting = BAD

Chair version 1 is an 8,000 year old design that never took into account sitting at a desk 8 hours per day, 2,000 hours per year!
Our biomechanics require constant upright movement for blood flow, digestion, dynamic balance, breathing, and major muscle group activity generating calorie burn to create energy for mental clarity and to run all your processes and functions!

The Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins and Harvard (among many others) publish a wide array of studies
that demonstrate typical low chair and low desk design as a primary cause of ‘sitting disease’ or sedentarism.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety (CCOHS) was created by an act of parliament,
based on the belief that all Canadians have ". . . a fundamental right to a healthy and safe working environment."

Full Support Capisco Head rest Foot Rest
Capisco comfortable relaxation
Yes! Upright Movement! HartC Ergonomic Elements
Upright and Backwards ergonomics at your desk

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety : CCOHS functions as the primary national agency in Canada
for the advancement of safe and healthy workplaces and preventing work-related injuries.
CCOHS Links: Benefits of Sit or Stand and Active seating : 

To access links and files on Sedentarism
and The Sitting Disease studies, research and information, please click HERE

7 Key Areas low desks (version.1) create The Sitting Disease (Sedentarism)

Desk Man

  • Restricted Blood Flow:
  • Restricted Breathing:
  • Restricted Digestive Tract:
  • Worst possible posture for spinal column:
  • Unused, Idle Major Muscle Group: Little Calorie Burn
  • No Dynamic Balance to generate Mental Clarity
  • RSI - Repeated Stress Syndrome: in-out-in-out: wearing out knees and wearing out backs

Why use an office chair and desk that wears you down mentally and physically?

Why use tools that damage your good health?  

Why not give your mind and body the best chance for health?

Upgrade to Capisco! Upright at All Heights. Be an Upright Human Being Again!

Be at your best by using a chair and desk that fit upright human beings; Capisco and Rylee!

If you have back pain or a bad back, Capisco’s wide range of supported positions might help; Capisco is a great relief to many people with back problems. Give us a call!

Get The Upright Advantage at your workstation!         Upright Human Design at Work!

Capisco and a Height Adjustable Desk from HartC Ergonomic Elements
located in Vancouver, BC and serving all of Canada and Territories

Office Furniture for Upright Human Beings

The HartC Ergonomic Blog : Upright Health for Office Careers

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